Top 5 Best Trimmers Under 1000 in India 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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It is the longing of everybody to look great, and we know it is conceivable.  Top 5 Best Trimmers Under 1000 in India 2020 . Nowadays, individuals need to put their best self forward, yet they don’t have the foggiest idea how to go about it. For men, looking great doesn’t come down to garments and adornments. As a man, you could embellish decent wears, yet your facial hair has an extraordinary task to carry out in deciding how complete you look.

Top Selling Products

1) Philips QT3310/15

2) Syska UltraTrim HT800

3) Mi Beard Trimmer

Ordinarily, ladies favor men who keep decent shaved whiskers than the individuals who don’t focus on theirs. A decent number of men presently assimilate this attitude, and this is the reason there is a developed interest for facial hair cleaning items.

On the planet and India today, trimmer has become the main facial item for men. For men who feel comfortable around its utilization, having a trimmer spares you visit outings to the salon.

This piece gives you probably the best Trimmers under 1000 in India and what you need know:

Top 5 Best Trimmers Under 1000 in India 2020

1) Philips QT3310/15

On the rundown of best trimmers under 1000s in India. It has a smart plan, and it is advantageous to hold. This item makes cutting easy to perform, and it advances long use.

The Philips QT3310/15 has 10 lengths settings shifting from 1mm to 10mm. On the off chance that you need a perfect shave, at that point with a trim of 0.5mm, you can get one. You can utilize this trimmer for 30 minutes, subsequent to utilizing for a full-charge for 8 hours.

This trimmer can be controlled with a force bank, cell phone charger and PC. Likewise, this trimmer accompanies a hardened steel cutting edge, having a round tip structure that can’t hurt your skin.


  • Cutting scope of 1mm to 10mm
  • Head is launderable; item isn’t waterproof
  • Utilized for preparing mustache and whiskers
  • Accompanies LED light and USB charging
  • 8 hours charge for 30 minutes use
  • 2 + 1 year guarantee


  • It accompanies a quality form
  • It is agreeable to utilize
  • It has USB charging
  • This trimmer accompanies 10 length settings
  • The battery life is astonishing


  • It is very costly

2) Syska UltraTrim HT800

In the event that you investigate the plan front of this item, it appears to be like the Philips arrangement trimmers. This trimmer has particular lines and sharp-pointed bends which gives a top of the line feel. The Syska Ultra Trim accompanies adjusted shapes that give an extraordinary grasp and utilizes this trimmer an energizing encounter.

One of the most wonderful characteristics of this trimmer is, it has a wide cutting scope of 0.5mm to 10mm, having 20 different length alterations. There is a handle that makes this reason simple.

On the off chance that you register the item on the web, you are qualified for a year guarantee, notwithstanding the two years guarantee.

On the off chance that you need a moderate trimmer that keeps you from using up every last cent, at that point this item is all you need. This trimmer gives you an expansive assortment of skin-wonderful trimmer.


  • Cutting scope of 0.5 to 10mm
  • It isn’t waterproof
  • Reasonable for mustache, whiskers and body prepping
  • Driven light for battery level
  • 7/8 hours charge for 30 minutes use
  • 2 years warrant + 1 extra year for enrolled items on the web


  • It has a strong form
  • It accompanies 20 length settings
  • It has LED status light
  • It accompanies a sharp edge
  • It gives you great incentive for your cash


  • It is very uproarious

3) Mi Beard Trimmer

This trimmer has dazzled everybody with the mouth-watering highlights and self-assured estimating. The plan front doesn’t give you a moment thought of how capable this trimmer is. This trimmer is IPX7 appraised, so it tends to be washed with water without confronting any result.

There are 40 settings in absolute that can be balanced in .5mm accuracy stages. You can choose to select any length between 0.5-20mm.

The cutting edges are sharp, and they can hone themselves. Utilizing this trimmer accompanies no issue, and the edge can be handily evacuated and fastened. On the off chance that the sharp edge builds up an issue later on, it tends to be effectively supplanted.

There is an arrangement for charging this trimmer utilizing a force bank or your telephone’s charger. Charging with the expectation of complimentary takes 2 hours, and it tends to be utilized without a rope for 80 minutes. On the off chance that you are in a flurry, you can utilize the trimmer while charging.


  • Cutting scope of 0.5 to 10mm
  • 100% waterproof
  • Appropriate for Mustache and Beard
  • Travel look, IPX7 waterproof and USB charging
  • 8 hours charge for 2 hours use
  • 1 year guarantee


  • It has an a la mode structure
  • It is exceptionally incredible
  • It accompanies USB charging
  • It has capacity pocket
  • There are 20 length settings
  • It tends to be helpfully utilized with line and without string


  • There is no microUSB port

4) Philips BT1215

The Philips BT1215 has an attractive dark shading. It is excellent having a form quality. This trimmer accompanies four different brushes which incorporates: 7mm, 5mm, 3mm and 1mm. In the event that you need to utilize a 0.5mm clean shave, you needn’t bother with a brush.

One of the significant highlights of this trimmer is the battery life which is extremely reassuring. A full charge of a trimmer takes 7-8 hours, and you can utilize it without a string for 50 minutes.

Additionally, it accompanies a sharp cutting edge that can act naturally honed. This trimmer isn’t waterproof, so you have to deal with it appropriately around water.

You can without much of a stretch take out the sharp edge, and fix it back in its place. Probably the most ideal approaches to think about this cutting edge is to somewhat wipe with water or with a brush.

This trimmer has a decent battery life and it is prescribed for the individuals who travel much of the time.


  • Cutting reach: 0.5mm, 3mm, 5mm
  • It isn’t waterproof, yet the head can be washed
  • It is appropriate for Mustache, Beard and Body preparing
  • It has a movement look
  • There is LED-light and USB charging
  • 2 + 1 years guarantee


  • It has a beautiful plan
  • It accompanies USB charging
  • The battery life is astonishing
  • The cutting edge can act naturally honed
  • It has a minimized size and it is lightweight


  • There are just five length settings

5) Nova NHT 1088 40 Trim Settings

This trimmer is the perfect mix of execution and structure. It has an upscale plan and the presentation is first rate. It accompanies a 40 length setting which is one of the significant features of this trimmer.

This trimmer works quietly, and the impact of the vibration is negligible. The whole bundle additionally accompanies improved Titanium cutting edges, which makes shaving entirely agreeable.

There are 40 different length settings from 0.5mm to 20mm settings. You can get a perfect shave with 0.5mm settings.

The full charge goes on for 2-3hours and after this, you can utilize this trimmer for an hour and a half without the rope. There is a USB port and a brief charge help.

When contrasted and different trimmers, you will see that the capacity is first rate at that cost go. There is additionally a capacity pocket, and it accompanies two-year guarantee.


  • 20 length settings
  • Item isn’t waterproof
  • Appropriate for Beard, Body and Mustache preparing
  • Titanium-coated sharp edge and LED light
  • 8 hours charge for an hour and a half use
  • 2-years guarantee


  • Reasonable
  • Accessibility of capacity spread
  • The presentation is acceptable
  • It charges rapidly
  • There is a 40 length settings
  • Nearness of USB charging


  • The whole trimmer isn’t waterproof

Purchasing Guide For Best Trimmers

Choosing a trimmer is certainly not a troublesome undertaking as the vast majority see it to be. In any case, it is important to know some fundamental factors that will assist you with settling on a decent decision when purchasing a trimmer.

Cost: Many hair trimmers resemble the other the same, yet they vary in their cost. The explanation behind this is, they have highlights with changing usefulness. In this way, your financial limit close by your own necessities will help you in deciding the sort of trimmer to settle on.

For individual prerequisites, men who have shorter hair would want to go for a scissors that has a scaled down cost. Additionally, individuals who mean utilizing a scissors for long, or they have thicker hair, may be happy to spend more on a trimmer.

Subsequent to comprehending what you need, it is essential to think of a spending limit inside the prerequisite of a trimmer. On the off chance that you do your exploration well, you can get a capable trimmer that has loads of frill requiring little to no effort.

Weight: Another significant factor to note when purchasing a trimmer is the weight. This is a fundamental factor in light of the fact that the course of cutting includes the hands. The hands would be loosened up for certain minutes at a specific occurrence. In due time, this makes the wrist be stressed. Henceforth, if a trimmer is overwhelming, it is hard to use for an extensive stretch of time.

A trimmer that is utilized routinely should be lightweight and easily simple to deal with. It is conceivable to see two models of particular brands, may have the specific highlights. Nonetheless, they can have different loads.

Force: For this situation, another name for power is quality. This is another vital deciding element. A hair trimmer that performs ideally would drift across thick hair quietly. On the off chance that you notice that it is hard for a trimmer to work productively with thick or tangled hair, it means that the trimmer isn’t sufficiently amazing.

On the off chance that you put resources into purchasing an amazing trimmer, you can make certain of expanded exactness and precise trim, having lesser strokes.

Line or Cordless: A great number of customary trimmer models have a force line for charging the gadget. It is progressively advantageous to utilize a cordless trimmer. The purpose behind this is, utilizing a trimmer with a line decides the outlet’s range. Moreso, they could get tangled while shaving. In this way, with the end goal of portability, it is ideal to utilize a cordless trimmer. It would regularly accompany a battery-powered battery that should be charged preceding use.

Before finishing your choice, you have to think about the limit of the battery. It would be disillusioning for your trimmer to stop halfway. In this way, it is ideal to check for battery runtime. In the event that you get a trimmer with a battery which goes on for around an hour.

Extras: Typically, a quality trimmer would have additional embellishments. A run of the mill frill is search additional items for shaving, styling and cutting. Additionally, on the off chance that you see brushes having different measurements, it is anything but difficult to mutt your hair to various lengths.

It is additionally essential to take note of the nature of the guide brushes. Altering a scissors to a trimmer is simple, you simply need to modify the edge length. You ought to likewise check for brushes that are delicate, which can cause uproarious vibrations or break sooner or later.

Nature of Blade: Since it is the sharp edge of a trimmer that does the activity, it must be of high caliber. Sharp edges that have different materials accompanied changing scopes of value. It is regular for you to see most trimmers that have treated steel cutting edges. Some accompany titanium and clay edges as well.

A few cutting edges can likewise self-hone themselves, and this would keep you from visit substitution. A trimmer with a top notch quality sharp edge, would last more and spare you the pressure of putting resources into substitution and support.

Last Words

Available presently, there is an absence of choice trimmers. On the off chance that you are not cautious, there is an inclination for you to get befuddled in the whole procedure of choice. Requiring an incredible trimmer expects you to get something that gives you a perfect and apparent incentive for cash.

To wrap this piece up, we instruct you to go for any with respect to the previously mentioned trimmers that are all beneath 1000 Rs.