5 Best Bio-Metric Attendance System In India – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Overseeing participation may appear as though a straightforward errand yet it isn’t. 5 Best Bio-Metric Attendance System. Particularly, if an association has a huge number of workers, overseeing and observing participation utilizing registers and documents can turn into a monotonous procedure rapidly. To wipe out the trouble in the manual ink and paper process for overseeing participation, a biometric framework is usually now utilized by enormous associations. Your face and your fingerprints are the computerized marks of the biometric framework. Utilizing this framework essentially lessens the time in observing the participation and improves efficiency in an association.

Top Selling Products

1. ZKTeco TFT LCD Display Biometric Fingerprint Recorder Employee Attendance
2. Silicon Wireless GPRS Biometric Attendance System
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Sadly, there isn’t a lot of consciousness of the biometric checking framework. Individuals don’t really have any information about what they are getting into when purchasing a biometric framework. Right now, give an extensive audit of the top biometric participation framework in the market to purchase. There is additionally a purchasing manual for find a workable pace about the biometric participation framework.

5 Best Bio Metric Attendance System In India 2020 Reviews

1. ZKTeco TFT LCD Display Biometric Fingerprint Recorder Employee Attendance

ZFTeco Biometric participation framework is truly outstanding in the market that is stacked with huge amounts of highlights. It has an enemy of phony capacity that finds the utilization of phony fingerprints. This inventive enemy of phony capacity for the phony unique finger impression is utilized to restrict the wonder of timing. So it ensures the truth of the participation information. The high-limit unique mark peruser present right now store up to 3000 fingerprints of various clients, and 100000 diverse participation records. This unique mark peruser utilizes the infrared sensation and actuation to spare force. It additionally utilizes an enemy of glare method to limit impedance for the confirmation procedure. Hence, it accomplishes a definitive exactness when utilizing the unique mark peruser. You can likewise utilize this unique finger impression peruser regardless of whether your finger gets wet.

The biometric framework accompanies a 2.8inch TFT show to give all the participation data to you. It accompanies a ZKTime.net 3.0 programming with a staggering UI from the maker. This product gives you the total time, participation arrangement, and clock terminal for its clients. It charges utilizing the USB miniaturized scale port that is available at the back.


  • Anti-fake function – This capacity dispenses with the chance of utilizing counterfeit fingerprints right now.
  • High-capacity fingerprint  – This framework has the ability to put away to 3000 fingerprints.


  • Snappy unique mark acknowledgment
  • Worked in SSR Excel programming
  • Great User Interface


  • Client backing could have been something more

2. Silicon Wireless GPRS Biometric Attendance System

It is a decent independent unique mark time and participation framework for checking in and out status. The Silicon Wireless biometric participation framework has a GPRS interface for giving great security and intermediary participation control. This framework additionally coordinates with any sort of existing application that incorporates static and cloud applications. You can likewise effectively work this machine as it has a decent UI. It is exceptionally made sure about with a secret word so nobody can without much of a stretch take the participation record. This biometric framework additionally accompanies an in-constructed memory to store the participation information without the system. So it doesn’t depend just on the cloud for the capacity. This top notch quality participation framework accompanies a one-year guarantee from the maker.


  • Optional battery – This framework can be utilized with or without a battery. For entryway get to control, it tends to be utilized without the battery. For different purposes, it very well may be utilized with the battery.
  • Optional RFID access  – You can utilize the participation control with RFID right now with the unique mark peruser.


  • Simple information fare and passage
  • Great GPRS interface
  • Remote gadget
  • one year guarantee


  • valued piece higher

3. Realtime Eco S C101 Biometric Attendance System

Realtime Biometric Attendance framework is extraordinary compared to other biometric participation frameworks to purchase in the market at the present time. It accompanies a 2.4-inch multicolor presentation that clearly shows all the records. This biometric framework can amass to 1000 fingerprints, 1000 RFID cards, and 1000 passwords. It has the ability to store a sum of 100, 000 participation records. As expressed, this framework can do participation control with various choices like a unique finger impression, RF Card, and Password check.

The unique finger impression sensor present right now is an optical one with a decent confirmation speed of 0.6 seconds. It has a bewildering bogus dismissal pace of under 0.01% and a bogus acknowledgment pace of under 0.0001%. Along these lines, clients can safely store their information and confirm it with this framework. This biometric framework has a worked in participation the board framework. So it is anything but difficult to work with this framework for participation. The biometric participation should be possible utilizing a USB with this machine. It likewise has an exceed expectations support for trading the record information to the exceed expectations group rapidly and no problem at all. More! when purchasing this item, you get a five-month fabricating guarantee with it.


  • High record storage – It can save to 1000 x fingerprints, 1000 x RFID cards, 1000 x passwords, and 100, 000 x participation records.
  • High verification speed – The unique finger impression check works quick with insignificant to no bogus positives and dismissals.


  • Exceed expectations support
  • Five-month guarantee
  • Worked in participation the executives


  • The presentation could have been greater

4. Uface 302 Biometric attendance machine

Uface 302 is the first Biometric framework in our rundown that has face validation. This framework is made by Essl security, so you can purchase this item with certainty. It is a 4.3-inch contact screen show that sports all the records relating to the clients. This framework is fit for amassing to 3000 individual face records for cutting edge security. Alongside it, this framework is equipped for putting away 4000 fingerprints, 10,000 distinctive ID card stockpiling, and 1,00,000 value-based information. The free reinforcement stockpiling that accompanies this framework can store all the records. You can restore the record from the reinforcement stockpiling in case of any in-manufactured capacity disappointment.

The Uface 302 is a light-weight framework weighing just 685 grams. The 2000 mAh battery present in it gives a decent reinforcement for this framework. It is likewise structured with an easy to use interface for simple route for putting away or recovering the records. With every one of these highlights making it work, this biometric framework from Essl security is just truly outstanding for keeping up the participation.


  • High Verification speed – The unique finger impression and face acknowledgment framework opens quicker with no disappointment.
  • Simple to expand – the prerequisites and capacities are effectively adaptable.


  • Face verification worked in
  • High stockpiling limit


  • Cost is high

5. Navkar Systems Coloured Biometric System

This Biometric framework from Navkar Systems is a decent worth participation support framework. It accompanies various highlights that make it a standout amongst other purchases in the market. It has an assortment of confirmation mode to sign in the clients and representatives. They are unique mark, face, RFID, advertisement secret key. The biometric framework has the ability to hide away to 500 fingerprints and 1000 card stockpiling. It can likewise store 50,000 exchanges. The 2.8inch TFT show lets you see all the records with no trouble. It likewise accompanies an implicit battery reinforcement that goes on for as long as 2 hours.

The check is rapid with this framework that can open inside a second. This framework additionally accompanies a choice to control with one lock and leave button. With every one of these highlights, it is a standout amongst other participation observing and upkeep frameworks accessible in the market.


  • Variety of authentication methods – It accompanies distinctive confirmation techniques, for example, unique mark, secret phrase, face, and RFID.


  • Player reinforcement as long as 2 hours
  • Standard size


  • Record storage size is a bit low.

Buying guide for Biometric Attendance system

Many don’t have a lot of involvement in purchasing the Biometric participation framework as it is as yet another framework. Also, with such a significant number of frameworks that are accessible in the market, it tends to be a troublesome procedure to pick the correct one. In the event that you are looking for a biometric participation framework, at that point here are a portion of the things that you should pay special mind to.

Track all time

The biometric framework that you purchase ought not just deal with the time-related need, for example, client punch in and out. It should deal with all the client calendar and PTO the executives. The biometric framework ought to likewise have the component for work following and the log that incorporates the worker time on explicit activities.

Mobile Compatibility

This is a significant element on the off chance that you are voyaging a lot. The biometric framework ought to have the help of working with your cell phones. It is required on the off chance that you need to get to your record from anyplace. It is fundamentally helpful for representatives and chiefs who work from outside the workplace. This component gives the directors data about representative participation on their cell phone.

Ease of Use

This may not appear to be a significant one. Yet, trust me, it much required in your biometric framework. The framework that you purchase ought to have an uncluttered, simple to utilize interface. The vast majority of the biometric framework has a high expectation to absorb information and hard to cooperate. This shouldn’t be the situation with the framework that you purchase.

Legitimate Integration

To start with, check the sort of programming and database that you have. At that point, purchase the biometric framework that is perfect with your product. The biometric framework ought to likewise be anything but difficult to incorporate with the application and programming that you as of now use.

Proactive alarms

This is a helpful element where the biometric framework gives warning when representatives neglected to check in or out, or when they are approaching additional time. It helps in controlling the costs.

Adaptable and Accurate timekeeping

The biometric framework ought to give various approaches to record the participation and the hour of the clients. It might be through a web associated pc, cell phone, tablet, and so on. Additionally, the participation framework should keep precise timekeeping. It should record the real time that they work.

At long last, we should discuss the expense

The cost that you contribute exclusively relies on your inclination. In any case, putting resources into a more extravagant biometric framework gives you a decent framework with huge amounts of highlights. They incorporate cloud-based reinforcement stockpiling. Here, the records of the clients are put away in the cloud. So regardless of whether your framework breaks, it doesn’t influence your information as it is put away in the cloud. You can likewise get to the information anyplace you want to like your cell phone, tablet, pc, and so on with the distributed storage choice. However, this component comes with the additional month to month administration charge. You should pay the administration charge month to month to continue putting away the information in the cloud.

The other component that you may get is the help for timelock. Numerous participation frameworks accompany the help for a timeclock to give you an additional advantage of keeping up the participation with the time. Be that as it may, it comes with a cost that changes dependent on the intricacy of the clock. The previously mentioned highlights are not an absolute necessity for everybody. It depends on the financial limit and explicit prerequisites of every association.


The biometric participation framework is getting well known among the developing associations as it gives bunches of advantages. Yet at the same time, there is a space for mindfulness in the Biometric participation framework. We trust that our audit and purchasing guide causes you in getting the best biometric confirmation framework for your association.